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Walking like a crab, seeing like a chameleon

This past weekend I attended the State of Time Festival in Berlin. In the afternoon I got to try on the Eyesect – a helmet which makes use of two independent video feeds to augment the wearer’s visual perception. The device allows each eye to see from a different angle. That’s me in the video above in the burgundy jacket and white jeans having my immersive experience.

I was impressed how the position of the cameras affected my walking. When I had them on the sides of my head I felt an instinct to walk sideways like a crab. But my mind had an override on this intuition, as if I was thinking to myself “no, humans don’t walk sideways.” There’s a moment in the video where my friend Boris tries to urge me to give into my inner crustacean but is quickly shushed by the well-intentioned ‘experience chaperone’. It’s almost as if there is a latent fear of what will happen if I go all the way and become fully integrated into the Eyesect consciousness. She assured me it takes weeks to get there but I have my suspicions the transformation could be accelerated by suspension of disbelief.

With the cameras extended handheld above my head and able to move independently of one another I felt a little bit closer to a chameleon’s consciousness. It made sense that a lizard hunting prey would want to stay as still as possible before striking. Independently moving eyeballs certainly helps.

I would be curious to try out a higher resolution version of the Eyesect in the future. I wonder if it would give me an appetite for lizard food.

Thanks to Tamao for capturing this moment in time on video.

Hyperkubismus: eine Einführung

Yesterday I gave a presentation/performance at the Retune Conference in Berlin. From the perspective of four different roles (director/artist/composer/theorist) I explored the question: what is Hypercubist identity? Video documentation of the performance should be forthcoming from the conference at some point.

I also presented a limited edition bi-lingual pamphlet of “An Introduction to Hypercubism” in English with a new German translation by Dr. Marcel René Marburger. You can read the German text here.